3404 Mow and Go for John Deere

8-511A Drag Mat Kit
Steel mat and carrier brackets

8-513A Roller-Brush-Spiker System
Interchangeable sections for rolling, spiking and brushing greens, tees and other fine turf.

8-743A  84" Tournament Rake
8-744A  72" Tournament Rake
The finest finish possible on relatively flat sand bunkers

8-510A Pro Field Finisher
Produces a fine finish on well maintained fields.

Model 8-505A    Field Scarifier 
Tears up the top ½" of soil and produces fields that are 
safe for play.

8-512A Fan Rake
Produces a lightly raked finish on golf course sand bunkers.

8-748A Flex Action Infield Finisher with Brush
Used for conditioning of both wet and dry soil areas.

8-745A 72" Tournament Rake with Flex Brush
8-746A  84" Tournament Rake with Flex Brush
The finest finish possible.